Dance With the Devil

from by Jeff Jericho

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Dance with the devil on a starry night
high out my mind, hope I make it tonight
the devils alive, infiltrating my life
plotting ways to survive, all these mistakes made I'm fine
Not pouring liquor this is vintage wine
words fermented inside my mind this is by design
third dimension, I'm intertwined between death and life
heard them mention we out of time, guess this is divine
Intervention, perceived it in a vision
interfere with the mission, I'm drivin with ambition
your fears, inhibitions
keep harboring bad intentions
you live with your bad decisions now watch me win from a distance
don't think that I can't but I hope that I wont
because you can't recant when you start throwing stones
all of these niggas, they not in my zone
I'm on top of the game, I just live in the throne
shit ain't the same, can't copy or clone
in my domain, in a spot all alone
to no disarray, every notion is vague
the emotion it brings when I'm hearing her moan
not thinking clear anymore, I'm trying to steer on these roads
holding her near but the fear perseveres as we go
shots of the vodka, sippin it slow
her Johnnie Walker is gettin her throwed
back to mi casa, once was so proper
but now I'm a monster I'm grinding her slow
I envision what I'm gettin, before it happens I am smittin
bad intentions in my head
and not to mention how they're fed
from that top shelf that we sippin, I can't stop thinking about hittin
devilish grin, once again, my ascent to a sinner


Dance with the devil in the moonlight
in a fight with my shadow he seems to move like me
consumed by greed
confused but amused by the truth I see
I knew I'd be
somewhere above all of the rest of them
all them women that loved me, I was just sexin them
feeling depressed with them
just a young adolescent when
I discovered that I'd love no other except my reflection
guess I am awfully vain
no emotions, partially sane
but I'm coping with feeling open to notions that I am stained
provoke inner hope, I kept close and hidden away
my father says I need Jesus but I ain't fixin to cave
I do things the new way, I'm HD and blue ray
and you say the way I portrayed it, you related
I convey it to you and say in my phrases about what my place is
but when you listen them rankings
just place me right next to greatness nigga
life is a game I came to play niahh
want the fortune and fame, how could you blame a nigga
not fixin to give into no image they give ya
flush it out, enema, give ya vivid cinema
locked in and i deliver my sins hope god forgive him
(snakes) slither in the grass, wicked niggas they outlast
the righteous but despite this my insight is frightfully biased
a constant fight with my demons
I know the devils alive I see him


from The Jericho Experience, released April 22, 2014
written by (C.Moore, D. Isaacs) Live Large Publishing (ASCAP), High Major Music (BMI), produced by DeUno, recorded and mixed by DeUno at Beethoven Studios in Los Angeles, CA., mastered by Colin Leonard for SING Mastering in Atlanta, GA.



all rights reserved


Jeff Jericho Long Beach, California

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